Hi, my name is João Moreira and I'm a data scientist currently with Cars.com. I have worked on real-time recommendation systems, computer vision, customer churn, and marketing attribution. I am always eager to tackle challenging data science or machine learning problems and learning new skills. I also love mentoring others and spreading the wonders of Python, machine learning, and data science.

I've contributed to skelebot, an awesome project management tool!

I have a PhD from Northwestern University. My research involved quantifying the effect of gender diversity in creative (scientific and film) teams. I found that work by more diverse teams tends to have a higher impact, and that concentration of power in small homogeneous groups of leaders can lead to an overall gender discrimination.

Here's a PDF copy of my resumé (last updated: 2020-03-28).

When I'm not working or obsessing about some new skill or technique, I like to explore the seemingly never-ending culinary options of Chicago, read Iron Man comics and science fiction novels, and re-watch Seinfeld episodes.

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